The Final Countdown–10 Days Before Liftoff!

No, we are not talking the song by Europe. We are talking I HAVE 10 DAYS LEFT!

In ten days, I will already be over the Pacific Ocean.

But here’s the running tally:

Running tally: I have raised $6,165 out of the ~$6,800 I need! Praise God! Many people have committed to praying for me for the year, thanks to Jesus. Still no word on a job yet. Pray for a job for me, and for the people at The Aroma (the coffee shop where I’ll be based out of) to please God in all they do in the city of Taipei. To join those who have provided funds for me thus far, go to and type in “ENV- Skye Bonati” in the search bar under “Give to International Worker or Special Projects.”


The Countdown Begins!

Here is the plan, and something you can pray for each day.


The past few days have been filled with calling people to ask for prayer support for the year. Pray that people honor their commitment and remember me after the newness rubs off!

10. Wednesday the 8th

Hopefully I can get my phone situation figured out this day. I have to get my phone canceled, so pray that it goes well.

9. Thursday the 9th

Travel Clinic Day: Shots! BANG! No– I am not going to shoot anyone. Just in case you were worried. I am going to get shot though–with a tiny amount of Japanese Encephalitis. Pray that my insurance will cover the vaccinations, because it is almost $300. Pray for the right things to be in place, even if it has to be miraculously.

8. Friday the 10th

My heart goes out to the people who walk the streets of Minneapolis– I used to go downtown every Friday night to pray for people and talk about Christ with Street Level Ministry. If you are in the area, pray about joining their mission to change the streets of Minneapolis for Christ! From their Website:

Street Level Ministry meets every Friday night. A typical Friday night looks like this:

  • 6:30 – Sign in at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (address below).
  • 6:30-7:30 – Prayer, worship music, evangelism training.
  • 7:30 – Evangelism teams of 2-5 people are formed, assigned a leader, and sent to ministry sites.
  • 8:00 – Evangelism begins.
  • 11:00 – Debriefing, prayer, and fellowship. If you need to leave earlier you are free to do so; please let us know when you sign in.

Our meeting location is:

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – 1901 Portland Ave. S – Minneapolis, MN 55404

7. Saturday the 11th

I need to finish a drawing for my dad before I leave, so this day will be full of Art! Pray that I can concentrate, do a good job, and create something beautiful for my dad.

After my mom gets off of work, her and I will travel to St. Bonifacius to stay with my good friends Charlie and Karen, whom I met at Minnetrista Baptist Church (my home church while at Crown College). I am looking forward to the trip! Pray that we make the most of our time.

Karen and her husband Charlie let me stay at their house a couple of summers ago so I could be close to Crown to practice piano.
Karen and her husband Charlie let me stay at their house a couple of summers ago so I could be close to Crown to practice piano.

6. Sunday the 12th

This day I will surprise any church-goers at Minnetrista Baptist Church by joining them for worship. 🙂 I’m excited, because I miss them very much. They are like a family to me. Please pray for them to be unified to reach St. Bonifacius and their community with the Love and Reality of Christ with knowledge and compassion. Pray that they would grow together and go deeper into their relationship with Jesus. Pray for no surface-level believers! Pray for Pastor John McNabb to be strengthened and to seek God on each message, learn to listen to the Spirit, and guide his flock to the Cross.

After church, I get to go biking with my friend Maddie from Crown (fellow pianist, graduated with me) and Lacey, my former piano instructor. This will be a fun and precious time for me. Pray that we have fair weather!

5. Monday the 13th

I have no idea. Hopefully play piano.

4. Tuesday the 14th

No idea. Probably finish the drawing. Play piano. Pray that I can practice and get over the fact I have to use the keyboard.

3. Wednesday the 15th

Freak out. Play piano. Repeat. Pray that I get everything in order before I go.

2. Thursday the 16th

Finish packing and continue to freak out… No, just kidding. Pray that I take everything essential and nothing burdensome.

Mom has the day off, and we will be again traveling to Charlie and Karen’s to spend the night

1. Friday the 17th

Leave from Karen’s very early in the morning for my 6:45 AM flight! Pray for safe travels and timely flights! If there’s one that can be delayed, it’s the last one from San Francisco to Taipei, because then I have a possibility of seeing Corry! Pray that I would be able to find where I need to go in the airports.


When you pray, do not think that they have to be eloquent prayers. They do not have to be long. You do not even have to say a prayer for me every night and cover all the things I have asked for. Pray now. Talk to God on my behalf, just like you were asking any friend to lend me a hand. Don’t not pray because you feel guilty about not doing it yet, if you haven’t. Just start now! 🙂

Keep the Faith!



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