Music And All It’s Friends and Fun Facts About Foreigners

Hello all,

Running tally: I have raised about $5,500 out of the ~$6,800 I need! Praise God! Possible departure date is the 17th of July. Pray for good timing for myself and for the people at The Aroma (the coffee shop where I’ll be based out of). To join those who have provided funds for me thus far, go to and type in “ENV- Skye Bonati” in the search bar under “Give to International Worker or Special Projects.”

I am missing piano land like a lost friend. I’ve got a little keyboard that looks like an 8-year-old’s birthday present, and

Slightly more sophisticated than the set-up I had earlier, which included neither the stand nor the chair...
Slightly more sophisticated than the set-up I had earlier, which included neither the stand nor the chair…

granted it does have some pretty good sound fx, it’s just not what I need. The best time of the week is 6-7 on any MWF that I am in St. Cloud: I get to play for the people at the assisted living center down the street. Oh, sweet hour of the day!

I’ve found out that Mendelssohn is not far away through Naxos (a classical music app), and my mom’s guitar wants playing, so I’m trying to pick that up again, but man! My fingers hurt! I’m almost dumbly excited to play my dad’s piano… which if you know my dad’s piano, is hilarious because it was in tune in 1964 and had all its ivory no later than 2002, and some of the pedals work (at least one of them, I know), but hey, it has 88 keys! (Don’t play the F in the middle unless “it’s absolutely necessary.”)

Usually when I am in dire straits, I get a strange creative bent, so pray that I can use this time to let God inspire me in writing a new song or instrumental music!


For the Fun of it, I have provided a Fantastic File of Facts For my Friends about Foreigners (specifically Taiwanese) and their Fatherland:

  1. Teachers switch classes instead of students during the school day, so there are no crowds of kids wandering the halls between periods.
  2. They speak mostly Mandarine Chinese. You may know this, but I didn’t.
  3. Taipei is just short of 105 square miles. Oi. That is a big city.
  4. China says that it owns Taiwan. Taiwan says it is it’s own country. The US goes for a “one China” policy, while also Taiwan’s ally and has committed to supporting the country. Okaaay?
  5. A lot of people bike! Everywhere! All the time! And for motor vehicles, they use bikes! Mopeds! You get the idea. 😉
  6. The city of Taipei is working towards Free WiFi everywhere… Ahhh. Nice going, Taiwan.
  7. White symbolizes death, so they do not get married in white. Some do red, which symbolizes good luck. I am definitely getting married in the US! 😉
  8. Taiwan is the last country that still uses traditional Chinese, even using the traditional characters. Hope I am good at my visual memory!
  9. Only about 1.8% of the island’s population is native to Taiwan. Most can trace their ancestry back to mainland China.
  10. There are about 10 websites with lists of 10 facts about Taiwan on Google. I just contributed mine. Only, this is not really a fact, so:
  11. Taiwan is the 4th highest island in the world (it has a mountain that is almost 13,000 ft high). I want to go hiking now!


Please pray!

1. I’m getting pretty sad about leaving. There are a lot of changes happening, and endings being made. Please keep in touch! Those of you who do will most likely be my support and God’s way of keeping me grounded while I am away, and when I return.

2. I want to be a virtuoso pianist. You can pray that I serve God like Mendelssohn (one of the world’s best composers). 🙂

Thank you!


Keep the Faith!

Mom and I went to Office Max today to make and order prayer cards! Look for them soon!
Mom and I went to Office Max today to make and order prayer cards! Look for them soon!



2 thoughts on “Music And All It’s Friends and Fun Facts About Foreigners

  1. I’m reading your blog. It’s late. I can’t sleep. Charlie keeps googling things about Taiwan. He’s excited for you. I am too, but couldn’t look at the video yet. I miss you. On another note, we biked to Mound tonight. Can’t wait to see you Thursday. Love your blogs.


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