Approved to Fly–Pray for Landing

Yesterday I was approved to buy my tickets for Taiwan. One way tickets, baby!

Fast Stats:

  • Who doesn't love sitting in one place for 24 hours? Please pray I don't lose my mind on the plane...
    Who doesn’t love sitting in one place for 36 hours? Please pray I don’t lose my mind on the plane… 🙂

    Probably flying United (Got any miles to donate?)

  • I’ve got a passport already (with a cheesy picture)
  • Departure date: Tentatively July 6 for an arrival date of July 7
  • Support yet to raise: ~ $1,500 out of about $6,800 (Praise God! He provides!)
  • Date I need the funds by: Departure- BUT: If God leads, follow his direction on giving later than July 7th if you cannot or forget to give before the 7th. God may know something I don’t about my upcoming needs.
  • To give, go to my donating page on the C&MA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) website. ***In the search bar under International Workers and Special Projects, type “ENV- Skye Bonati” and the rest is a normal form for online use of a card.

Pray for:

  1. The Aroma Cafe: they are having a LOT of transitions going on between helpers and staff and business at the shop. Pray for grace and good communication, along with strength for Chris and Jamie, the owners of The Aroma.
  2. I need a job 🙂 I’m submitting my resume to some schools there. As you probably know, I really have no training in teaching English. If God wants me to teach English, it’s going to be all His show. 100% His show.
  3. A place to live: Chris has some ideas as to where I can bunk for a while, but nothing nailed down for a permanent place yet.
  4. Peace and motivation to do what I need to do. No intimidation, thank you! I want to be bold for Christ! I have been feeling some nudges by God to pray for people lately, and on almost every occasion I ignored Him. I need to change. Jesus means Real Life. Real Love. Real Joy. Real Peace. I cannot deny others this kind of Life, Love, Joy, and Peace.

Thank you for your prayers!!

Keep the Faith!



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