You Said What?! The Thousand Dollar Dream

Surprise!About three or four weeks ago, I awoke from a pretty good dream (you know,the one you wish would happen for real, but it makes you smile anyway)–I dreamed that someone had given me $1,000 for my trip!

When I woke up, I was like, God? Is that for real? ‘Cause I’d take that, you know… And then I went on with life.


Fast-forward to yesterday afternoon and stop when I am sitting on my bed at home, checking emails and doing busy-work.

I scanned the inbox, and my great-aunt and uncle whom I have not heard from for a while had emailed me– when I opened the email, I just laughed.

This is what it said:

This morning we mailed a check for $1,000 to CMA Envision on your behalf .  You will be in our prayers, bless you…

Staying tuned for your future the Lord has for you……………
Uncle Don & Aunt Norma
I guess some dreams really do come true! I am so incredibly grateful for these two lovely people. They have blessed me beyond measure. It is more than the money–that I know God would have provided somewhere else if they had not been able to. It is their love that has touched me.
     See, my grandmother died less than a year ago, and since then, they have been taking a role in my life and praying for me. They supported me when I went to Cleveland with Envision, and now they are supporting me again.
     I talked with them today on the phone, and I had to keep back tears. My aunt sounds so much like my grandmother, it is beautiful. I have always really enjoyed seeing Aunt Norma and Uncle Don when I do, but I hope to get to know them more now. Thanks, God! What a fun gift!
Keep the Faith!

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